DIY: Paper Plate Turkey


  • 1 piece 12×12 red card stock
  • 1 piece 12×12 yellow card stock
  • 1 piece 12×12 orange card stock
  • 2 pieces 12×12 brown card stock
  • 1 pair wiggly eyes
  • toilet tissue tube
  • paper plate
  • brown paint
  • glue
  • Turkey Body Pattern
  • Turkey Tail Feather Pattern


Step 1: Paint the toilet tissue tube and the back of the paper plate with brown paint. You may have to repeat the process and give the plate and tube a second coat of paint. Once you’re done painting set them aside to dry completely.

Turkey Paper Plate Craft - Step 1

Step 2: Once the paint is dry, glue the tube to the back (painted side) of the paper plate. Put a line of glue along one side of the tube. Glue the tube so when it is standing up the plate just touches the ground and so the paper plate is even with and behind the tube.

Turkey Paper Plate Craft - Step 2


Step 3: Print out the turkey tail feather pattern. Trace and cut out 2 tail feathers from each of the card stock colors: red, yellow, orange and brown.

Step 4: Lay the feathers out in the shape of a fan, alternating colors from red, brown, and yellow to orange. Repeat the pattern for the other 4 feathers.

Turkey Paper Plate Craft - Step 4

Step 5: Glue the tail feathers together by adding glue between them where they overlap.

Turkey Paper Plate Craft - Step 5

Step 6: Glue the tail feathers to the front of the paper plate (the unpainted side). Put glue around the rim of the plate and set it on the center of the fanned out tail feathers. The base of the tail should be right at the bottom of the plate. Set the plate and tail assembly aside to dry.

Turkey Paper Plate Craft - Step 6

Step 7: Print out the turkey body pattern, the beak and the turkey’s gobbler.

Step 8: Trace the turky body onto brown cardstick. Cut the turkey’s body out of brown card stock.

Step 9: Cut the beak from a scrap of yellow or orange card stock.

Step 10: Cut the gobbler from a piece of red card stock.

Step 11: Add the wiggly eyes to the head on the turkey’s body.

Step 12: Fold the beak in half from corner to corner so it looks like a triangle. Glue it to the turkey’s head just below the eyes.

Step 13: Glue the red gobbler just below the beak.

Turkey Paper Plate Craft - Step 13

Step 14: Add a line of glue to the toilet paper tube on the opposite side of the plate. Glue the turkey’s body to the tube so the base is level with the bottom of the tube.

Turkey Paper Plate Craft - Step 14

Step 15: Display your paper plate turkey on a table, or hang it on a wall or door.

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