Make a Set of Squishy DIY Stress Balls for Sensory Play

Whether you notice your kids feeling a little anxious or you simply want to try a new sensory activity, a simple stress ball could do the trick. Even better though, kids can help make their own squishy stress balls using balloons! Since I always take the “why buy when you can DIY?” approach, why not […]


These Personalized DIY Name Crystals Grow in Less Than One Day

If there’s one thing kids love, it’s literally ANYTHING with their name on it. I was the same way as a kid. You can help your kids grow their own personalized DIY crystals in less than one day using pipe cleaners and Borax! This easy trick will keep kids mesmerized for hours as they watch […]


Make This Easy DIY Paper Bag Piñata With Your Kids

Now that summer is in full swing, outside parties have become a weekly happening. And many kids parties include piñatas. My kids love them, and why wouldn’t they? They get to take turns whacking an object that candies and toys pour out of once the piñata has been cracked open! A total game changer in […]