DIY: Chalkcloth Door Hangers

Chalkcloth is a fabric-type material that can be used just like a chalkboard!  


It’s just as versatile as the ever-popular chalkboard paint and I am ready to show you some great uses for it.  Today’s tutorial is perfect for the tween who is finding ways to define his own space.  Instead of marking up the bedroom door with posters and stickers, let them create their own door hanger to express their creativity, that they can change on a whim!


  • 1/3 yard Chalkcloth
  • Door Hanger Template HERE
  • Craft Bond Spray glue
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie
  • Chalk


Start by printing and cutting out your template.  Using your sharpie, place the template on the wrong side of the chalk cloth and outline.  Cut around the outline.

Cut two.


Place one of the cut pieces and lay it right side down on a piece of wax paper.  Spray it liberally with spray glue.

Lay the other piece right on top and press down firmly all along the top.  You can place a book on top of the pieces for a few minutes to help the tow pieces bond.

Season your chalkcloth by rubbing the entire piece with chalk.  After it is fully covered, you can use a dry cloth to erase, and now you are ready to draw!

Let them use their imaginations and hang on the door knob.  Have fun!