Celine Dion’s Babies Are Still Nameless

Céline Dion admits she's struggling to name her newborn sons.


Céline, who welcomed twin boys last Saturday, shares that she's finding it difficult to settle on names for her babies. “I’ve read nearly 15,000 names, and nothing has stuck.”  “Because René-Charles goes to school in the United States, he’s suggested English first names. My mother, on the other hand, has been hinting about very French first names and we’re going a little bit crazy trying to decide.”

The new mom is set to return to performing in Las Vegas in March.  Céline's not in any rush to lose her baby weight: "I don’t care about my figure. I never have and I’m not worried.  In any case, I’m not going on any diet because I want to breastfeed … Besides I have a really good stylist and if it’s a question of going up a dress size or two — well, so be it.”


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