American Idol’s Crystal Bowersox Balances Being A Mom And Musician

Crystal Bowersox shares the difficult task of trying to balance her two loves: her son and her music.


Crystal chatted with People magazine about having to leave her 17-month-old son, Tony, when she goes out on tour for American Idol this summer.  She says she's used to playing gigs, but having to travel will be a first for her.  Tony will be cared for by her family and she will be able to squeeze in a few quick visits, but she's found one other way to stay connected: “I just discovered Skype! So, he and I will definitely be Skyping!” Bowersox reveals. “Tony is getting the hang of how to use the phone. He can’t have a full conversation yet, but he knows it’s Mama.”

I'm sure other moms who have to do some traveling for their jobs can relate to Crystal's situation.

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