The Lies All Moms Tell Themselves on The First Day Back to School

Honesty is the best policy—unless you’re trying to comfort yourself amidst the madness of back-to-school. Moms are the worst offenders because we’ll assure ourselves of pretty much anything in order to check something off of our To Do Lists. We are the planet’s biggest optimists until the first day of school is actually happening, because […]

Mom Confessions

Why You Should Kick The Career Guilt For Good

Whether you work or stay at home (or both), there is one thing that unites all mothers: mom guilt. Like many things related to motherhood, mom guilt is personal. We all have our own version. Of course, not every mom will feel guilty about the decisions she makes regarding work and motherhood. Some take great offense […]


Four Ways Motherhood Made Me A Better Person

“I’m not going to change when I became a mom.” “I don’t want motherhood to alter who I am as a person.” “Yeah, I’m going to have a baby, but I don’t want to be, like, a mom.” Chances are, before you became a mother, you may have uttered one of these statements, or at […]


To The Mom Who Can’t Even Today

To the mom who can’t even today, I see you. Because, well – I’ve been you. In fact, I might even be you again tomorrow, or next week – or next month. I see how it’s 6 am and you’ve already lived three days in the amount of time other people are just getting their […]


5 Friends Every Mom Needs

Mom friends: Where would we be without them? In a world where it can sometimes feel like no one understands the sacrifices you make as a mom, your mom friends are right there alongside you basking in the chaos of this crazy ride. Whether you’re a brand-new mama or a more experienced mom, your mom […]