Fall TV Preview: 13 Shows Worth Watching on Date Night

Before parenthood, my date nights used to involve a foxy little black dress, a candlelit restaurant, a bottle of wine, and a roll in the hay. Now that we’ve got a 4-year-old and a new baby, I’m lucky if my husband and I can find an hour to watch TV in our pajamas. So on those rare nights when we can still keep our eyes open after the kids are down, we deserve some good TV. You know, something a notch above “Bachelor in Paradise.”

That’s why I’m really excited for the Fall premiere season, with frothy new comedies and tantalizing dramas arriving every week. I’ve done my research, and I’m here to share it. These 13 shows are worth a look, and hopefully at least one will become your new date night sensation (bonus: no babysitter required!).

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