9 Celebrities with Outrageous (& Amazing) Birth Stories

When I delivered my twin boys via C-section, it was luckily, pretty uneventful. I mean, eventful in the sense that my babies were being born, but without any trauma or drama. In truth, it was a fairly sterile experience — a clean, white room, a small army of doctors and nurses, medical equipment all around. There was no slow jazz playing in the OR, no meditation or Zen breathing. I didn’t ask the doctor to package up the placenta for a snack later. I was just grateful to have a healthy delivery.

I don’t really have any judgments about how couples choose to bring their little ones into the world, especially if it’s done in a safe, healthy way for both mother and child. Still, sometimes you hear these stories and you’re just like, “Wait, whaaa?!?!” And I just love it when celebs share their stories, sometimes proving that they’re the superhuman alien creatures we’ve always suspected, and sometimes proving that they’re just like us. Remember Dax Shepherd’s account of his wife Kristen Bell’s “car crash” labor and delivery last winter? He made light of a traumatic experience, but knowing that they now have a healthy daughter, it was sort of reassuring to hear that even funny, gorgeous celebs can have a rough time with childbirth.

Then, there are the celebrities who have surprise home births, the celebrities who let their toddlers watch, and the celebrities who hear harps playing, as gold light radiates out of their hoo-ha. Here are some of the stars’ craziest birth stories…

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