17 Questions: Bethenny Frankel Fills Us In

Describe your new book Skinnygirl Cocktails in three words: Flirty, Pretty, and Useful.

In addition to your new book, you’re returning to “Real Housewives of New York”! Being on the show again will be dynamic. I’m excited to reunite with the people watching. It’s a fresh start!

One of the reasons we love watching you on TV is that you crack us up. Your secret to keeping your sense of humor, no matter what, is not taking myself seriously.

The funniest thing Bryn has ever done lately has been something new every day. One day it’s giggling about a neighbor’s new puppy, the next it’s about calling her a funny name, and vice versa. She has a fab sense of humor.

In addition to your sense of humor, we love your recipes. Your love of food and cooking comes from my exposure to all kinds of food from a very young age.

Something fun you do for dinner is “sushi night.” Bryn loves to roll up white rice with edamame with a piece of dry seaweed — it’s just like mommy’s.

Your signature dish is crab cakes.

But you don’t like to cook something complicated.

If you could eat whatever you wanted every day, you would enjoy bagels, pasta, rice, eggplant parm, fries, and pizza.

The coolest thing you and Bryn have done lately was see The Lion King on Broadway.

You enjoy “mommy time” by snuggling.

You beat stress by doing yoga, sleeping, and having sex!

Your morning routine is diff every day.

You wish you had more time to sleep.

You swear by sleep.

The thing you’re looking forward to most is closure.

Next, you hope to laugh!

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