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Tim McGraw Talks Christmas Shopping For Faith Hill

Tim was on the Ellen DeGeneres show to promote his new film, “Country Strong”, and gave her some insight as to how he and Faith shop for each other and shared his wisdom on how to decode what wives are really saying.

“We were both very lucky and we both had really good careers when we got married, so you go in for the big things at first because you can afford it. You’re married, and it was like, ‘We just got married … I can buy her this cool stuff.’ Then every year after, you run out of things to get, so it starts to become smaller stuff.”

He says they are down to much more practical gifts nowadays: “Finally, it gets to the point where it’s like, ‘You get me a pair of socks, and I’ll get you a pair of socks, and we’ll call it even.  Well as a guy, we know that never works. Maybe a pair of socks with a diamond earring or two stuck to it … something like that.”

“If they say, ‘Oh you don’t have to get me anything,’ you really know better. You should know better than that; if you don’t, then you really won’t have to worry about it next Christmas because she won’t be around!”

Sounds like a man who has been married for 14 years and knows a thing or two. 

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