How to Buy a Purse

So how does a mom go about buying a purse?

Step 1. Open your current purse and empty it onto a table. Sort through what you have and what you’ll need space for. If your current purse is a diaper bag and you don’t have a child in diapers, you may be in more trouble than you thought.

Step 2. Decide if you really need the five Lego minifigures, the board book, the iPad (well, yes), the clippies, the sun hat, the reusable shopping bags, the wipes, the goldfish crackers, and the wallet. Wait. The wallet is probably not optional.

Step 3. Take your toddler daughter purse shopping with you. She most likely has a better sense of style than you do. Or is that just me? If nothing else, watching her strut around the store with her to-die for little girl purse will make you realize you waited too long to go purse shopping.

Step 4. Decide if you want cute and floral, classy and sleek, or big enough to use as an overnight case. Realize the cute and floral may not be big enough, the classy and sleek may be destroyed in a week, and the biggest purse the store carries may not be a purse, but, rather, a suitcase.

Step 5. Buy your “perfect purse” and decide to never let it get junked up and overflowing like your last purse. Sadly, that will only last about a week. Still, the exterior will be cute and stylish.

Until the kids draw on it with markers.

How often do you go purse shopping?

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