How Brittany Davis, Founder of Willow+Co, Does It All

Willow+Co is an infant and toddler clothing line that makes dreamy footies, two-pieces and more for your littles. They use mainly buttery soft bamboo for their pieces, all of which are evergreen (I can’t get over their super-cute taco “Fiesta Friday” print pictured below).


What I also love is that all the pieces are hypoallergenic, versatile, stretchy and temperature-regulating – meaning they can be worn year-round. We all know how stressful it can be figuring out what to dress our littles in temperature-wise, especially in those pre-toddler years.

Willow+Co was founded by momma Brittany Davis when she was pregnant with her first. We chatted with the now mom of two about how she got her start, what keeps her going and her parenting must-haves.

Momtastic: Can you tell us a little bit about your background before becoming a mom?

Brittany Davis: Before starting Willow + Co I was in outside sales and really enjoyed the job! I loved the social aspect and getting to know your clients was always the fun part. My department was bought out by a competitor and my whole division was shut down. At that point I had to decide if I wanted to find another job at a different company or start my own. I was about four months away from having my first child and knew there was never going to be a perfect time so now is the time. Having sales as my background was actually extremely helpful even though starting my own venture was a whole different ball game for me. Never underestimate what you already know.

Momtastic: Can you tell us a little bit about how being a mom inspired your business?

Brittany Davis: Before becoming a mom, I had been given a ton of feedback from other parents and some of the struggles they were experiencing. When I became a new mom, I realized quickly a lot of those struggles were very relevant to me too. A lot of the main struggles were around finding baby and toddler clothes that were going to last longer than just a couple of months, diaper changes were challenging because clothing flexibility was lacking, and finding modern, gender neutral prints seemed impossible. My daughter also had very sensitive skin and a lot of fabrics seemed to bother her.

I had to find a way to solve those problems and all of that really set the foundation for starting Willow + Co. How we set the foundation and solved these problems was by:

1. Making sure the clothes we created were essentials and could be worn for “many months” which helps with sustainability and less outfit changes.

2. The clothes are much easier to get in and out of, which we have made possible with our ultra soft bamboo knotted gowns and reversible footies.

3. Designing hypoallergenic clothes that have luxury modern prints and providing a ton of gender neutral options while still being easy on babies skin.

I am a huge believer in quality over quantity, which can be really challenging especially when it comes to baby attire. Finding things that check all of the boxes is exactly what every parent deserves to discover.

Image: Brittany Davis with her children

Momtastic: It’s not easy to balance running a business with being a mom – any tips or tricks? 

Brittany Davis: This is a tough one because every day is so different. It took me some time to get a real schedule and routine down, but it happened eventually. I really had to give myself grace at first, but of course things needed to get done. One thing that really helps me is time blocking. I would set aside specific hours in the day to focus solely on the business. Otherwise, I was constantly juggling everything at once and felt like I was never actually accomplishing anything. A lot of days I went to bed thinking what exactly did I even get done today?! Once I started time blocking, everything changed for my productivity and ability to focus fully on one thing at a time. I would block off hours and dedicate it to one task whether that be emails, business growth brainstorming, social media etc. It was so helpful also with my personal time and with the kids because I could be much more present in the moment rather than juggling all the tasks  at once.

Momtastic: What have been some of the biggest challenges when it comes to the business? 

Brittany Davis: In the beginning there were a lot of hiccups with manufacturing and the overall production of everything. I was not doing all of this myself, so I had to fully trust my manufacturer to make things right, be done on time, etc. Let’s just say there were a lot of minor errors at first. A quality product is so important to us, so anything not done properly was considered damaged and would not be landing in my customers hands. Mind you, finding a manufacturer is not easy! We had to move on from a few different ones until we found the right company for us. These mistakes could have been detrimental to us, but you just have to regroup and figure out how to move on as gracefully as possible. It took time but things are now pretty smooth sailing!

Momtastic: At any point did you think about giving up? If so, what kept you going? 

Brittany Davis: I haven’t really thought I was ready to give up but I have thought about how life might be easier if I could take a break or a little time off. I quickly realized I am too invested in this company and sometimes finding ways to outsource things can be a lifesaver. At that point I realized I needed to hire help and it has opened up time for me and helped the company grow. Don’t be afraid to receive or hire help!

Momtastic: Can you tell us, in general, some of your favorite parenting must-have items? 

Brittany Davis: Well, of course our knotted gown and footies! The knotted gown is the best for the first few months of life and the footies make life so much easier with the reversible foot and zipper. I absolutely loved having the SNOO bassinet. We used it for our second child and it was such a good purchase. We loved the Boppy and really any Frida baby product was great. Boon Nursh bottles were a game changer for a colicky baby! Natives shoes have been my tried and true shoes. They last a long time, they’re quality and so multi purpose. I would say my kids are wearing Natives 99% of the time- at least since they day they could walk!