Lalo Has Launched A New High Chair And We’re Obsessed

When it comes to sturdy and durable high chairs, people always rave about the Stokke. I personally never found the chair aesthetically appealing, so I never considered getting it for my home. The one thing that’s hard to argue, however, is that Stokke has an awesome foot rest – most high chairs don’t have one that babies can actually reach those first few months. Now they have some serious competition with Lalo, given that the brand just launched a new version of their cult high chair (previously 2-in-1, it is now 3-in-1).

This beautifully designed chair, available in a handful of color options, is – at least in my opinion – beautifully designed so as to actually fit in with most people’s home decor. More impressive still, it goes from high chair to booster seat to play chair and with the launch of their new version, it has an adjustable foot rest as well. Plus, it has both a five-point harness and wrap-around belly bar making it safe even if, like me, you sometimes forget to clip baby into the harness (not saying anyone should do this! Just mentioning that I’ve done it a few more times than I’d like to admit and baby still seemed totally safe).

Everything is machine washable and I love that the tray is very secure. I’ve tested out a number of high chairs and it usually doesn’t take long for my son to figure out how to remove the tray, not so with the Lalo (it’s easier to take off than the first version of the chair – as some parents complained that it was too hard to remove before – but still too tough for little ones). Plus, you can remove kids without taking off the tray.

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