travel stroller

This Stroller Loves to Travel

Air travel with kids can be stressful, but this smartly designed stroller offers an optional PramPack that helps ensure your stroller will arrive safe and sound when you pick it up from the baggage carousel.

Have you ever experienced successfully surviving several hours in the air with your kids, only to arrive at the airport baggage carousel and find that your stroller looks like it got caught in a tornado? This Stokke Xplory stroller is cleverly designed to grow right along with your baby, plus it has lots of cool accessory options and comes in a wide variety of colors too, so you can totally customize it to suit your personal preferences. 


baby changing bag

The clean styling of this Baby Changing Bag comes complete with a changing mat, pacifier holder and plenty of other versatile storage compartments to help keep you organized while on the go. It can be attached directly to the stroller or carried comfortably over your shoulder with it’s wide shoulder strap.


foot muff

And for use in colder climates, be sure to check out this cozy warm Foot Muff that you can nestle your baby into and then zip them up snugly to protect against even harsher climates.




And here’s the PramPack that’s designed specifically for traveling with your stroller. And once you arrive at your destination, it rolls up compactly until you are ready to pack your stroller up again for the trip home. It’s airline approved and fits almost any stroller.

Images from Stokke

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