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Must-Have Items for Newborn Baby

If you are an expecting mama, you must have started preparing for the arrival of your bundle of joy. After all, there is so much to do! From setting up the nursery to getting maternity clothes, you must have started making many trips to the mall to prep for the new addition to your family.

However, have you started picking up the essential items for your newborn baby? If not, grab these must-have items for your little one to keep them comfortable and healthy from the moment they arrive.

1. Clothing

No matter how adorable they look on the hangers, don’t grab fancy clothing for your newborn baby. Their skin tends to be soft and sensitive, so buy rompers, onesies, swaddles, burp clothes, bibs, tops, bottoms, hats, blankets, etc., which are made of 100% cotton. They will be gentle on your baby’s skin and won’t make them uncomfortable during their nap or playtime.

Also, don’t splurge on expensive clothing, as you will be changing your baby’s clothes several times throughout the day. It calls for frequent washing, which fancy garments might not survive.

Moreover, their development is rapid in the first few months, so you must buy new clothes every few months and put away the rest to reuse. So, get budget-friendly, comfortable clothes for the apple of your eye and reserve the fancy apparel for them until they are a little older.

2. Diapers and Wipes

Items for newborn baby
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Diapers and wipes are a must-have item for your newborn baby as they go through up to a dozen diapers a day. So, stock up on those diapers and wipes before your bundle of joy arrives. Here is the thing, some diapers can cause rashes on baby bums, which you can cure with a rash cream.

However, to avoid the rashes, talk to your doctor, fellow new moms, and family members with babies for the best diaper brands. You can get trial packs of diapers and wipes to see which suits your newborn’s skin. Alternatively, if you are trying to reduce waste and practice a sustainable lifestyle, you can opt for reusable cloth diapers that are comfortable and also save money.

3. Furniture 

Items for newborn baby
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A standard-sized crib is a much-needed piece of furniture for your baby. Make sure you buy a durable one that will last long as it can be used until your baby is almost two years old (and sometimes even after that). Also, keep in mind the safety features of the crib while selecting one. Make sure not to keep any stuffed toys, pillows, bumpers, etc., in the crib due to suffocation risk.

However, if getting a full-sized crib isn’t possible due to room size and budget constraints, you can get mini cribs or bassinets for your newborn baby. This will allow them to sleep with you in the same room. Remember, although they are great options, your baby will outgrow them within a year.

If you can’t spend on the crib, ask your friends or family if they have a spare crib that they no longer use. If budget isn’t a constraint, you can consider getting a changing station and a small dresser or wardrobe for your baby’s nursery (along with the crib). 

4. Travel gear 

A durable and safe stroller, car seat, baby monitor, and baby gear are essential items for newborn babies. Don’t compromise on these; they will make your life much easier once your little one arrives. Start saving up for them if your due date is still quite some time away. They will keep your newborn safe and comfortable in daily life and while traveling.

5. Health kit 

Items for newborn baby
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From the thermometer, bulb syringe, and nasal aspirator to nail clippers and good moisturizer, ensure you get them before your bundle of joy arrives. You don’t want to run to the medical store looking for a thermometer at the last minute while your baby has a fever.

Trust us, the fear and panic of your newborn falling sick gets worse if you don’t have all the tools you need. Get these beforehand and keep them in a kit for easy access as and when needed (hopefully never, because nothing pains a mom’s heart more than seeing their baby unwell).

Coming from a fellow mom, welcoming a baby into your life is as exciting as it is nerve-wracking (especially when you are a first-time mom). However, things get much easier when you have all the essential items for the newborn within reach. If this isn’t your first kid, while you might have some items you can reuse, it would be best to list the ones you will need to start restocking, like diapers and wipes, and purchase those before your baby arrives.

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