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Ways to Reuse Old Baby Clothes

You got a lot of tiny clothes for your bundle of joy when they first came into your life because who can resist those cute clothes? However, as they grow with every passing month, their old baby clothes are piled up, taking up a lot of storage space in the closet (which is precious space wasted, as you can fill it with all the new baby clothes waiting in your cart).

Parting away from all of them might be difficult as they are your little one’s clothes, and it is natural to form an attachment with them. As fellow moms, we know the joy of dressing them up in little onesies, rompers, frocks, etc. So, instead of tossing them away or storing them for eternity and letting the moths have their way with those precious items, reuse them creatively and make items for your kids so you can always have those baby clothes around.

1. Memory quilt

resuse old baby clothes
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Collect your favorite old baby clothes and make a personalized memory quilt. Choose a design or pattern that complements the fabrics and arrange the pieces in a visually appealing way. Then sew the pieces together with a machine or by hand, and you’ll have a cherished keepsake from your munchkin’s early years. You can even make matching pillow covers and bed sheets.

2. Make a doll outfit

resuse old baby clothes
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If your little one loves to play with dolls, superheroes, or animal figurines, repurpose the old baby clothes by turning them into chic outfits for their dolls, superhero capes, or stuffed animals. Your child will love to play with the soft and cuddly toys. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about your kids being exposed to toxic materials. Keeping them clean won’t be an issue as you can wash them like regular clothes.

3. Make a bib or burp cloth

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If you have another baby on the way, reuse the older one’s clothes to make bibs and burp cloths. You can even make some for your expecting family members or friends. However, do ask for their permission before offering them the same, as some parents (especially first-time parents) aren’t comfortable with used clothes. Cut the rompers or onesies in half and make bibs and burp clothes from them.

4. Make pouches

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Turn those adorable old baby clothes into pouches to store your kid’s toys, diapers, wipes, or even your small accessories. Cut off the sleeves of baby garments and sew the bottom. Attach a string or elastic to create a quiver or pouch for use as and when needed.

5. Make plush alphabet

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Convert your old baby clothes into a learning tool with this simple and fun idea. Pick brightly colored pieces and make some plush alphabet for your kids to make learning enjoyable. This might take some time, but the results will be fantastic.

You can also attach magnets on the clothes with the help of fabric glue for your kids to attach them to the fridge. Alternatively, by pasting small baby clothes on a book, you can make a fun activity book for your little ones to teach them how to zip up clothes, tie laces, button dresses, etc. Coming from a fellow mom, your kid will love this activity book.

By reusing old baby clothes, you will save money and contribute to a more sustainable environment. So, try to reuse your old baby clothes in the best possible way with these ideas. However, if you are not a crafty mom, don’t hesitate to donate the clothes to people in need. You can sell them online (on a secondhand clothes platform) or at a thrift store.

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