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Mattel Launches Barbie Women in Film Collection

Mattel has dropped the newest collection of Barbie! More than 250 professions strong, Barbie’s Career of the Year collection for 2024 celebrates Women in Film. According to the Mattel website, the collection includes a Studio Executive, Director, Cinematographer, and Movie Star.

With the massive success of Margot Robbie starrer “Barbie,” the Women in Film collection is perfectly fitting for 2024. As per Fox News, the brand came up with the idea after Greta Gerwig’s film became a blockbuster hit, making her the first-ever female director with a billion-dollar movie.

For 2023, Mattel went with the Women in Sports for Barbie’s Career of the Year collection. It came with a General Manager, Coach, Referee, and Sports Reporter (via Variety).

Everything we know about the Barbie Career of the Year Women in Film collection

Like most Barbie Career of the Year collections, Women in Film also features four new dolls. Each of these feature clothing and accessories unique to their career. Mattel has been working on diversifying Barbie. Thus, the four dolls have different hair colors, hair textures, skin tones, and facial features.

The most glamorous of them all, Movie Star Barbie flaunts a gorgeous sequined floor-length gown with silver heels and jewelry. It comes accessorized with a golden awards trophy.

Cinematographer Barbie dons a purple t-shirt with “Chase Dreams” on its front, paired with black leopard print pants and white sneakers. It comes with a camera and clapboard.

Director Barbie looks chic in a denim jumpsuit and red sneakers. It has the most accessories: a viewfinder, headset, and script.

Studio Executive Barbie looks ready for business in a white t-shirt and black leather skirt paired with a blazer and black heels. It comes accessorized with a smartphone and sunglasses.

The Barbie Career of the Year Women in Film collection is available on the Mattel Creations website. However, it is up for grabs for the Barbie Signature members only. The entire collection retails for $49.99, and the dolls aren’t available separately. The set comes with displayable packaging, and the purchase is limited to one per user.

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