Barbie’s New BMR1959 Collection Has Major ’90s Vibes

My kids love to make fun of me for the wild things I wore in the ’80s and ’90s like denim overalls with one shoulder strap hanging to floor or windbreaker jackets that were four sizes too big and don’t get me started on the Aquanet cemented bangs. When I look at pictures from that bygone era, I cringe just a little but I also kind of miss it. Now, Barbie is bringing back ’90s vibes with its recent BMR1959 collection that features three Barbies and two Kens all sporting streetwear.


For the 60th anniversary celebrating Barbie (how is she 60 already?!) Mattell’s new signature Barbie collection, MBR1959 has created a fabulous line that that call a “bold new fashion doll collection inspired by today’s hottest streetwear trends” and was designed by Barbie lead designer Carlyle Nuera and highlights “self-expression and personal style” through bright colors and patterns. The six dolls feature familiar go-to wardrobe staples of the ’90s like overalls, bike shorts, and bright kicks.

The dolls are available now and retail for $29.99 USD on the Mattel website.

The collection comes just in time to the biggest shopping season of the year. Parents everywhere are already making lists and looking out for the next ‘it’ toy that will capture their child’s imagination. And while Barbie doesn’t come with batteries and bells and whistles the way a remote control doohicky might, Barbie does give kids the gift of using their imagination to create their own playtime adventures and drama.

If you’re looking for the top holiday sellers from the Barbie universe then rest assured that the classic such as Holiday Barbie, Barbie’s Dreamhouse, and Barbie’s Cake Decorating Playset are all still a hit with the kids.

As for the BMR1959, we’re pretty excited to see some streetwear trends popping up. With all of the amazing signature series’ that Mattel has been launching, we’re waiting to see what other marvels we’ll be able to play with soon.

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