Magnificent Baby: Baby Boy Layette Made Simple

Enter Magnificent Baby with their simple, magnetic layette items.

All my boys lived in sleep gowns for the first three months — from the hours of 9pm to 8am. While baby sacs make diaper changes easy, they do not make clothing changes easy at all. And with a newborn, leaks happen more often than not. The Happy Apples Gown ($33) has the same time saving Smart Close magnetic fasteners as all the other Magnificent Baby designs. But the best part about the gown? No over-the-head changes, which often fully wake baby! This makes for easy diaper changes and easy clothing changes when your up at 2am (with one eye still closed). The gown also features the must-have mitten cuffs to keep baby from waking or scratching himself.

The It’s A While Long Sleeve Burrito Onesie ($29) has a cheery and bright whale print, and just like a kimono-style onesie, it’s super easy to get on and off. Except, it’s even easier than a kimono-style onesie because there are no snaps or ties! They call it a “burrito onesie” because it literally wraps and unwraps just like a burrito. (And now I’m hungry).

Other layette pieces in the Magnificent Baby line include:

Kimono Sets

Reversible Cardigans


Short Sleeve Burrito Onesies


Reversible Blankets

All Magnificent Baby items are:

  • 100 percent luxurious cotton
  • Lead-free
  • Phthalate-free
  • Independently safety tested
  • Designed in New York
  • Made in China
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