Bonsie Baby Is Here To Help With Skin-To-Skin Bonding

Unfortunately because my son was born using a vacuum I didn’t get to experience immediate skin-to-skin. The doctor showed him to me for little more than a second and then took him away to make sure everything was OK. Even though very few things from my birth plan came to fruition, I felt an immediate bond with my son and, thanks to brands like Bonsie Baby, could easily experience skin-to-skin after the fact.

Bonsie Baby


Bonsie Baby makes onesies designed specifically to help make skin-to-skin bonding easy. Their full coverage footed onesies are made with double layered flaps that have a hook and loop closure for ease of contact. Once the two flaps are open, the baby’s chest and belly are fully exposed and the elastic waistband allows for easy dressing/diaper changes.

Bonsie Baby

Available in adorable patterns or monochrome color-ways, they come in size newborn, 0-3 or 3-6 and it’s worth highlighting that their logo is screen printed along with the garment size on the neck – no tag. I often buy Carter’s and Gerber products for everyday outfits because they’re affordable, but the tags drive me nuts.

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