The Best Alternatives To Pampers & Huggies

When it comes to diapers we have plenty of options. We’ve already covered the topic that diapers can be made with toxins, which is making more and more parents turn away from the traditional big box brands and consider smaller labels that are more thoughtfully created. Note that, of course, that does not mean that every big brand is automatically manufacturing diapers full of chlorine, fragrances and phthalates or that, conversely, every niche brand is squeaky clean… we all need to do research to make sure that what we are putting on our children is up to our own standards. That said, there are a few brands I’ve been impressed with recently: Dyperhealthybaby and Coterie.

healthybaby makes the first – and only – EWG-verified organic diapers. Checkout the EWG’s Guide to Safer Diapers, an analysis of the chemicals and materials used in baby diapers. Everything that goes into healthybaby cotton diapers is third-party tested, they actually list all materials used (most brands don’t do this…we have no idea what is in nearly every diaper sold today!), and they’re sustainable and high performance.

Coterie was inspired by cashmere, so you can bet the diapers are soft. I never thought that diapers weren’t “really soft” until I touched Coterie (the back is also apparel-grade). Plus, they’re not only super-soft, but super absorbent – like there have been blowout situations that had my son been wearing Pampers or Huggies the poo would have 100% gotten all over his back – with Coterie all was blissfully contained. They’re also made without harmful chemicals or dyes (notice Coterie diapers are white – always a good sign!). Also they’re absorbent without getting super bulky. The big box brands I find balloon when my son wears them overnight.

Dyper makes eco-friendly, unscented and unprinted diapers. If you read our story on toxic diapers, you know there are many potential toxins in diaper ink. They stay in place and protect well against blowouts. They’re also breathable so work well overnight.

The downside to these? They’re relatively expensive. If you can afford it, you can’t go wrong with using any of these brands exclusively, but for those on a budget remember it doesn’t have to be all or nothing! I can find plenty of flaws in the box brands, but I use them often (especially because I spent so much time in Tel Aviv where Pampers and Huggies are pretty much the only options), and I still feel confident that my little baby will be just fine.

Also it’s worth noting that many brands (particularly smaller, venture-backed niche ones) often have giveaways and discounts, so follow all of the mentioned ones on social media and sign up for their email updates.

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