Your Pregnancy

Oh God! Did That Really Happen?!

On Friday morning my school gathers for a flag ceremony and most of the parents stay after drop off to participate. As my stomach has grown, it’s not unusual to have parents come up to me and want to chat about my pregnancy. As many of you moms-to-be already know, stomach touching goes with the […]


I’ve Lost My Funny

  I’ve gained a lot of things since I became pregnant.  But I think I lost my funny. Overall, pregnancy has left me with a downright jovial feeling – I am twitterpated most of the time.  And life is so good right now that I didn’t realize I had lost my funny until I sat […]

Your Pregnancy

Even My Eyeballs Are Pregnant

I am sitting outside a coffee shop when I see a cute girl standing at the register.  She’s in her mid-twenties, with shiny hair and a cute body. She looks so thin to me (but even the Pillsbury Dough Boy looks like he’s lost weight to me these days.)  I hate her. 


Baby Dreams

When my mother was pregnant with me, she dreamed about a little girl with long brown braids on a swing. I had no face but she knew it was me. I have been waiting eight months for a dream like this.


13 Non Medicinal (nor Traditional) Cold Remedies

By now you know I am a teacher and I am pregnant, or at least you should if you have been paying attention. So, one thing I didn’t realize when I signed up for this job is that there is a scientific formula proving the younger the age group you teach, the more likely you […]


Equipment Failure

Okay, faithful readers. You have heard my rant about too many cookies and the fact that I love Skittles. Unfortunately I think my eating habits have finally caught up with me.


St Patricks Day Baby

I am pregnant. I just thought I’d add that in case you missed my previous ponderings, which by the way, if you did you should really go back and read them. Anyways, back to being pregnant.