St Patricks Day Baby

I am pregnant. I just thought I’d add that in case you missed my previous ponderings, which by the way, if you did you should really go back and read them. Anyways, back to being pregnant.


Now, I know all mothers will tell you this, but I know my baby is special. I actually think it’s magical. Honestly I am quite sure that I am carrying a leprechaun baby. Here are the facts people, on why I know for certain that this baby is actually a leprechaun.

Reason Number One:

I found out I was pregnant while I was in Ireland as a chaperone on a middle school European tour. Hello! Are you listening? I found out I was pregnant in Ireland which is where leprechauns originate from.

Reason Number Two:

When I got home I found out that the baby’s due date is March 14th, which is really close to Saint Patrick’s Day. In America this translates to a huge Irish holiday, never mind in Ireland the day passes practically unnoticed. It’s our first baby so I am told there is a really big chance that this baby will be late. If that’s the case it could very well be born on Saint Patrick’s Day.  Leprechauns come out and cause all sorts of trouble on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Reason Number Three:

Both my husband and I are Irish. I know looking at me that’s hard to believe, but it is not hard to believe if you look at my short, redheaded, pink skinned, I burn thinking about the sun husband. This baby is of Irish decent on both sides! I’m short, my husband is short (sorry honey but it’s true), and it could have red hair. Everyone knows that leprechauns are short and have red hair.

Reason Number Four:

I don’t know if this baby is a boy or girl (yeah we are one of “those” couples) but, if it’s a boy and it takes after any male that it’s related to- it will easily be able to grow a beard. People have you seen a picture of a boy leprechaun, cause they all have beards. I mean the facts are pretty much pointing to me carrying a leprechaun baby.

Reason Number Five:

The candy I crave the most now that I am pregnant is Skittles. Oh my-gosh this is huge. Are you seeing the connection? Skittles are a multi-colored candy. Have you heard the slogan “Taste the Rainbow”? Rainbows? Pot of gold? Leprechauns? Are you putting the pieces together?

Reason Number Six:

Leprechauns are known to have lots of gold and hide it under rainbows. Okay my last name is Rich (not Irish) but rich people have a lot of money and that’s like gold. So one could conclude that although I don’t have a lot of gold because of my last name (Rich) it’s like the baby has a lot of gold. I know I lost some of you on this one but really it works- trust me.

            Let me just recap so that you can better understand once again why this baby is a leprechaun.

  • Leprechauns are Irish- check
  • Leprechauns are short- check
  • Leprechauns like rainbows- check
  • Leprechauns have beards- check (if it’s a boy- let’s just hope I didn’t wish a beard upon a daughter- oopsie)
  • Leprechauns have gold- check
  • Leprechauns come out on St. Paddy’s Day- check

Alright now you know all the reasons why I am absolutely one hundred percent positive that this baby is going to be a leprechaun. So you will have to wait as we will, until March when it makes its debut! Stay tuned.

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