Adorable Summer Shoes for Toddlers That AREN’T Crocs


prince-george-styleRemember that time when you said “When I have kids, I’m never going to let them use iPads. I’ll only cook them organic food. And I will never, ever put them in Crocs.”? Yeah, me too. Some rules are meant to be broken. All, that is, except the one about Crocs.

I think I may be the only mom in the world not won over by the “adorable photos” of Prince George toddling around in clunky, ugly CrocsTotally brilliant marketing. Horribly ugly shoes, you guys! You do realize Prince George also wears impossibly frumpy needlepoint overalls and sandals with knee-high socks beneath them, too, right? I don’t see you hitting up Harrods to copy those fashion faux pas on your little ones. So why the Crocs?!

I only half ask, because the protective momma in me actually understands the draw of kiddie Crocs in the summer. Sandals are a major playground hazard, and sneakers aren’t waterproof. Crocs (albeit hideous) definitely win in the functionality department…and kids just love them. (In fact, as I was researching this article, my sister just snuck my daughter a Frozen pair—thanks.)

So, what’s a stylish momma to do?! At the request of an old sorority sister who actually asked me to write this post for her own sanity: Here are some cute Croc alternatives that provide awesome (and often even microbial) traction for the toddler set this summer. Here are my picks for the best summer shoes for toddlers (that aren’t Crocs!).



1. Vans Toddler Flamingo Sneakers, $30; 2. Mayoral Deck Shoes, $15: 3. Toms Romper Slip-On, $31.95; 4. Mini Melissa Ultragirl-II Cat Face Jelly Mary Janes, $55; 5. Watermelon Shoes (similar to shown), $30; 6. Mini Melissa Ice Blue Slip-On, $54.95: 7. Toddler Superga Sneakers, $43.95; 8. Mini Melissa Kitty Face Slip-On, $65; 9. Native Miller Perforated Sneaker, $35.

And there you have it! Nine totally awesome, super fun, and absolutely adorable summer shoes for your kiddos to (stylishly) catch fireflies in this summer!

Main photo: Getty/Max Mumby/Indigo

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