Holiday Decorating: Making Sparkly Branches

Holiday Decorating: Making Sparkly Branches at home, pictured with candles and a mirror

If you look through decorating magazines for holiday decorating ideas this time of year, I am sure you have seen sparkly branches adorning many a mantel or table setting in the glossy pages.

I wanted to create the "look" for my holiday decor and experimented to see what I could come up with.  I made my branches silver, but you could use gold spray paint and glitter or even white depending on the look you desire.  I placed my branches in a pair of tall glass candle stick holders, but you can use any vase filled with florist foam or STYROFOAM to secure.

Ingredients for sparkly branches include glitter, glue and canned spray paint

Supplies Needed:

  • Tree branch
  • Silver spray paint
  • Silver glitter
  • Colorfill accents - I got mine at Michaels
  • White glue
  • Spray glue
  • Paint brush

A tree branch outside
1. Find a tree branch the size you require.  Use lopping shears to cut and shape.

Spraying the tree branch with canned spray paint
2.  Spray it with silver spray paint to cover.  Let dry.

Holiday Decorating: Making Sparkly Branches
3. Spray the branch with spray glue/adhesive until it is covered. 

covering the branch with glitter
4.  I am showing this step on a small branch, container, and table, but if you have large branches – lay a cookie sheet on the ground and sprinkle the glitter onto your branch so the excess glitter falls onto the cookie sheet and you can re-use it.  Do this outside so glitter won't get all over the place.

Painting more glue on to the tree branch with a brush
5.  To create an icy look – spread some white glue in a few places along the branch. 

A close up photo of colorfill decorative accents
6. Clear off the cookie sheet and then sprinkle clear Colorfull accents over the glue.  These little cubes stick on easily.    Collect the excess that falls onto the cookie sheet to re-use. 
You can also use Epsom salts to do this – they will give the branches a whiter look

A close up of the glitter encrusted branch with fake icicle accents
It creates the look of an icy build-up.

Homemade sparkling branches with glitter
They take on a pretty glow when lit by candlelight.

how the sparkling branches will look in the day light

In daylight hours the sparkly branches look modern and fresh mixed with silver glass ball ornaments, candles, and greenery.