The Summer Of Peace and Love

We always know that fashion will recycle itself and lately we’re seeing a resurgence of the peace sign that was until recently only being used by hippies that never left the ’70s.

Seen on everything from t-shirts to flip-flops, little girls everywhere are once again familiar with the sign and will be seen wearing it all summer long from the beach to the playground. I love that the message is sweet and so are it’s eye-catching designs.

Peace Sneaker, $24.95, at

Vigoss Peace Crop Pant, $21.99, at

Peace & Love Large Water Bottle, $5.99, at

MOGO Peace & Love Charm Collection & Bracelet, $13 and $16 each, at

Stephan Joseph Rolling Peace Luggage, $39.99, at

Peace & Hearts Rashguard, $11.50, at