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Little Girl Style In Paris…Ooh La La

Well, since it’s not really in the cards for most of us this summer, what we can do is borrow the Parisians iconic style and their scenic skyline to make any little girl feel like she just stepped off the plane into Paris. Decorate her room, wear a t-shirt or play a board game set in Paris for some summer fun that will have her going “Ooh La La!” in no time.

Mighty Fine Ooh La La Tee, $24, at 

Paris Embroidered Skirt, $42, at 

Briarpatch Madeline in Paris Board Game, $13.83, at 

Roommates Oh La La Mega Pack Peel & Stick Decals, $49.99, at 

Putumayo Kids French Playground CD, $13.30, at

Sequin Graphic Tee, $24.95, at

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