Back To School: Best Backpacks For Girls

It’s time to start back-to-school shopping again!


There’s nothing better than starting out the year fresh — new shoes (because their feet grew two sizes in the summer), new jeans, new shirts and a new backpack. A backpack is the key to who they are and what they like because they carry it every single day to and from school. Sure it will get dirty and a little beat up over the course of the year but as long as they LOVE it and you love it then the backpack will make it through another school year. Here’s a look at my favorites for heading back-to-school this year.

Bow Cherry Backpack, $26.95, at 

Lime Zany Spike Backpack, $60.33, at 

Hello Kitty Nerd Backpack, $35.99, at 

Leopard Backpack, $14.21 (sale!), at 

Sequin Print Backpack, $39.95, at 

Dolce & Panna Little Kid Backpack, $42, at (great for preschool!)