14 Back-to-School Outfits for Stylish Kids

Back-to-school outfit shopping was always one of my favorite traditions as a kid, and now that I’m a mom it still is. Even though my eldest is still in preschool, we make a big ritual of picking out her back-to-school outfits together, shopping the racks at big retailers and small dot-coms alike. And even though I have a super girly-girl, trust me that this year’s fall trends don’t leave the tomboys or the boy-boys out. There are plenty of cool looks to enjoy at every price point and at either end of the gender expression fashion spectrum.

Make back-to-school outfit shopping extra fun with surprising details like sequins, artful layering pieces, grownup-inspired style statements, and cool graphic tees. Today’s generation of kids are not trying to sit back and let their parents (or big sibs) have all the fashion fun. Even back-to-school outfits for toddlers are mega stylish this season, so gather up your coupons, your coffee, and your kids and hit the ground running. Here are some of my favorite outfit ideas for stylish kids to inspire you:














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