Awesome Swimwear Launch for Kids (Psst It’s Also Eco-Friendly!)

It being 4th of July there couldn’t be a better time to spotlight Coco Village’s recently launched swimwear collection. While as parents to young children having kids around water is a little unsettling (heck even a bathtub can be stressful) there’s no purer joy than seeing our littles splash around in pools, beaches and water parks.

Before getting into the cute fashions it’s worth, on the note of safety, to highlight one of Coco Village’s new launches first and foremost: their Neoprene Anti-UV Swim Training Vest (available in a few colors). While this isn’t designed to prevent drowning – and it’s never safe to take eyes off kids in water – this comfortable and stylish vest (especially compared to the bright orange and drab colors I’m used to) helps promote the use of arms and legs to helps boost kiddos’ confidence and agility in water. It’s great for young swimmers and, at least from my experience, there was no struggle in getting the vest on to my toddler.

I’ve written about Coco Village before as they have a wide range of durable, beautifully designed products (plus frequently have site-wide sales or discounts on a long list of items), and their latest launch is no different in terms of quality, sustainability and design. It’s the first time the brand is dipping their toes in apparel and I hope it’s a sign of more to come! I request matching sun hats and sunglasses…please..!

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