Upcycle an Old T-Shirt With This DIY No-Sew Cardigan Tutorial

DIY No-Sew Cardigan

There are a few things my inner circle knows about me, at least in the fashion department: 1) I absolutely love cardigans, 2) I’m a major hoarder, and 3) I am the queen of the no-sew DIY.  So when I started noticing DIY no-sew cardigans on Pinterest, I knew I had try this project for myself.

I have a lot of old t-shirts that are in that awkward situation where I once loved them and now don’t wear them. Or I bought them thinking I would love them (cute pattern, great color, perfect sleeve length), but when I put them on they just don’t look right. The amount of closet space dedicated to my shirts alone is pretty scary.

Want to upcycle an old t-shirt into a no-sew cardigan by cutting it down the middle and using hem tape to create straight sides? Follow my step-by-step directions below:

DIY No-Sew Cardigan

DIY No-Sew Cardigan


  • Old Shirt
  • Scissors
  • Hem Tape
  • Iron


DIY No-Sew Cardigan

Step 1: Cut your old shirt down the middle. You can use a ruler or tape measure but if you choose something with an even pattern like this, you don’t need to measure; just use the print as a guide.

DIY No-Sew Cardigan

Step 2: Following the instructions on the back of the package, use hem tape on either side of the cut to create hemmed edges.

Step 3: You’re done!

PS: If you want to get fancy, you can close your cardigan with a cool vintage brooch or even sew on a button for the look of a closure. But I’m a drape-front cardi girl, so I chose to keep it simple!

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