We’ve all been there: You’re cleaning out your closet or your kids’ closets, and you find that favorite t-shirt that you or your kids can’t wear anymore. Maybe it’s faded, too small, has holes and stains, or is stretched-out. Even with all of its faults, it hurts your heart to give it to trash it. But you have other options. Instead of tossing it back into your closet and dealing with it later, give your favorite old tee new life by repurposing it into something that you’ll love even more.

I’ve done some digging for clever ways to repurpose old t-shirts that I think you’ll enjoy. Some are for your home, while others will give your wardrobe a new kick. The best part of these DIY old t-shirt projects is that you already, for the most part, have the supplies. Keep reading for more inspo.

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11 Cool Ways to Repurpose Old T-Shirts