Sweet Baby Girl Clothes on Sale at Old Navy

When I was a new mom, I was completely overwhelmed by how to dress a newborn in the winter. But when summer came around, shopping for baby clothes suddenly became so much fun: The bright colors! The matching possibilities! The cuteness of everything that is summer in a tiny little package! Needless to say I went a little overboard!  And even though my daughter is now 4, I still get my kicks by shopping for my friends’ babies at amazing sales like the one currently going on at Old Navy.

For one, I cannot resist a great pool outfit — even if that pool is just an inflatable one in the backyard. You can keep your young girl cool and ready for splashing and still have her covered up with sun protection throughout the rest of the day with a cover-up and a hat. In fact, there should just be a rule that every child wear rompers each and every day. I’d be just fine with that.


Baby Girl Summer Swim Essentials: Swiss Dot Romper, Sandals, SunhatSwimsuit, and  Swim Cover-Up

And then there’s always the essential baby summer outfit here in the United States: the patriotic 4th of July ensemble! I may not be able to pull off head-to-toe red, white, and blue as an adult, but it just seems to look absolutely perfect on every little kid. I love this outfit because it can last beyond just one day in July, and it will cover your kiddo from the morning parades to the nighttime firework show.


Patriotic Ensemble for Little Girls: Tank and Bloomer SetShrug Cardigan, Sandals, and Bonnet

Please excuse me while I go fill my shopping cart with all these Baby Sale bargains and spoil all the little ones in my life, as I just keep finding more and more great options for kid’s summer clothing at Old Navy!

This post is sponsored by Old Navy.

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