Haunted Eggs!

One morning when I asked my son what he wanted for breakfast, he requested a “haunted egg.” I admit I was a bit stumped — but only for a moment.  

I started out by boiling a few eggs, primarily since my son won’t eat them any other way.  (See my method of making Hard Boiled Eggs.)
Usually, one end is flatter, and you can use that for standing the egg up.  (If there’s not a good ‘standing’ end, you can cut one end off to make a flat surface.)
Now comes the spooky part . . . poke small holes in the egg to make a ghost’s eyes.  You can also make a larger hole underneath it for a mouth.  I suggest using a sharp paring knife for this.  Unless your kids are a bit older, they should be the designers, and parents should be the executers!  Kids can request a happy egg or a frowning one, super scary, etc.
Sprinkle with a bit of salt and serve the Haunted Egg on a plate standing up, spooky face pointing towards the young diner. For more spookiness, serve with ketchup for dipping! 
As Halloween slowly approaches, this is a most delicious — and most scary — treat
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