Egg Recipes

altEGGS- Might just be the perfect food!

At about 30 cents an egg, you receive a powerhouse of nutrients: about 6 grams of protein, 13 essential nutrients, Vitamin B 12 and choline to support your nerves. Lecithin for your blood health, cholesterol management, liver detox and brain memory. Vitamin D3, carotenoids and amino acids to help build strong bones and muscles. Vitamin D to build dopamine for a positive outlook. Sulfur for shiny hair, smooth skin and stronger nails. Beta-carotine, Vitamin A, zeaxanthin and lutein for eye protection, immune and bone health. If that’s not enough, their healthy fats will  keep your brain from drying up and shrinking prematurely.  Only 70 calories in an egg.  Buy them from your local farmer’s market if possible. Next choice, buy organic, cage-free and either Omega-3 and/or DHA enriched eggs. You can taste the difference! Ellen and Sally

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