Leftovers for Lunch: 15 Recipes for Kids’ Lunch Boxes

Oh god, not another lunch box to fill. Day after day, week after week, I swear I am about ready to put a twenty in my daughter’s lunch box and tell her to call Domino’s. It just gets exhausting, you know? I’m so tired of making the same ol’ sun-butter-and-jelly sandwiches—and she’s got to be sick of eating them, too, right?

I may not love buttering bread and slicing apples, but I do love making dinner, and I am the queen of turning last night’s dinner into a whole new meal. It’s kind of an awesome challenge. Who says pasta has to be reheated as is? Who says rice has to be rice again and again? Why not turn last night’s baked potatoes into today’s potato skins, and put a smile on your kid’s face when he opens his lunch box?

I’ve rounded up some pretty creative, inspiring, and delicious ideas for your kid’s lunch box, all made repurposed from your dinner leftovers. Check out these leftovers for lunch ideas in the slideshow and see what’s on the menu.

More Lunch Ideas:

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