5 freezable lunch box recipes

5 Freezable Lunch Box Recipes

My freezer runs with military precision. Unusual and slightly bonkers, I know. There’s bone broth neatly lined up in zip lock bags (labelled, of course), breads are stored together and a bunch of lunchbox meals all housed in individual zip lock bags sitting together in one section of the freezer draw. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a freezer the size of a small bedroom – I just have two draws in a normal size freezer but boy, oh boy do I use them well. 

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I find it a lot easier to grab a few frozen items to add to the kids’ lunch boxes than to make everything fresh, everyday. Whenever I write a recipe I ALWAYS check to see how it freezes, that way none of it goes to waste and my morning lunch packing/kid wrangling flows a whole lot easier. Don’t be afraid to use frozen foods in the kids’ lunch boxes. Interestingly, freezing many foods (homemade and with great ingredients of course) locks in the nutrients and as an added bonus, they keep the other food in the lunch bag cold. It’s a win-win.

Here are my top 5 freezable lunch box recipes that the kids will really go for.

Chocolate crackle slice recipe

1. Healthy Chocolate Crackle Slice


This recipe is a cinch because you don’t need to spoon the crackle mixture into individual patties – let it set as a log, cut up and freeze. Done. I pull out the cut-up slice and put it straight into the lunchbox. It’s lovely and chewy by the time the morning tea break bell rings. 


2. Four Ingredient Apricot Balls

A healthy take on traditional apricot balls that freeze well and taste great. A little tip is to freeze them flat on an oven tray first and then pop them into a freezer bag. This way they won’t stick together in a big ball that is impossible to prise apart.

Kids lunchbox recipe idea

3. Frittata

I love to clear the fridge out before a big shop by making a frittata. It’s equally great for breakfast when it’s lightly warmed, for lunch with a salad or in the freezer for lunchboxes.


4. Chicken Strips

These strips are extra great because they are fantastic on their own or you can add them to a sandwich (straight from the freezer that is) and bam, best lunch ever. I always have a few in the freezer and use them for snacks but chopped up through pasta for a quick dinner too.



5. Smoothies

Crazy to believe but smoothies are great to freeze. Think of all the leftover smoothies you could save with this tip. Pour leftovers into reusable yoghurt bags, iceblock moulds or old glass jars (don’t fill to the top otherwise they’ll go kaboom! in the freezer). I keep a stack of jars in the fridge ready to go into lunchboxes – all I need to add is a straw.

What’s your favourite lunchbox recipe that freezes a dream?

Stace x

More easy snacks for lunch boxes:

Images: 1, 2, 4 – Stacey Clare / 3 – Michelle Thompson-Laing / 5 – Jade Warne

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