6 Easy Bento Lunch Ideas for Your Summer Day Camp

There are so many amazing summer day camps out there. Whether they are designed to focus on arts & crafts or sports, they are a great way to keep the kids busy. As my little girl says, “It’s like school, but more fun!”

Most summer day camps ask for kids to pack and provide their own lunch. By the time summer hits, I’ve run out of steam for new lunch ideas for my daughter. Luckily, a great bento lunch idea can rescue any old lunch staple. Adding just a touch of creativity to my daughter’s lunch is a surefire way to get her to eat everything I send along with her.

Here are some of my favorite easy bento lunch ideas that my daughter loves, too. They’re not over-the-top complicated; perfect for the bento beginner. Bonus: I’ve thrown in a couple super cute lunch boxes that are a hit in our household (just in case those school year ones have spent a little too much time traveling from school to home and back again). Enjoy! 


Pottery Barn Kids always sells the cutest lunch boxes. They come in so many different colors and patterns. AND, you can get them personalized! I also love their bento boxes because they are a little sturdier and all of the compartments are super helpful.


  1. Rain or shine! How adorable is that apple umbrella and cloud sandwich?Image via cutefoodforkids.com)
  2. My daughter loves yogurt, so this is the perfect lunch. The rainbow fruit salad is perfect for summer. (Image via flickr.com)
  3. This is definitely the most unique one I have come across. The surfer dude is so cute! (Image via Delish.com)
  4. I love these DIY candy-pretzel snacks. They’re the perfect sweet spin on an everyday snack. (Image via bakedecoratecelebrate.com)
  5. This flower power themed salad bento box turns the healthy option into a pretty option too! (Image via Delish.com)
  6. Send your child a message in their lunch box! This monster inspired sandwich will hopefully make them “CRZY 4 U” too! (Image via thislunchrox.com

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