14 Kid-Approved Vegan Meals & Snacks You Can Make in the Air Fryer

Easy vegan meals for the family have been my jam ever since my husband and I made the radical decision to ditch animal products from the home for health and ethics reasons. We had a few days of the little ones whining over the absence of chicken nuggets before everyone pretty easily slipped into the new normal.

But preparing any type of food for a pack of hungry kids is tough stuff, especially when you don’t want to make more than one meal and the adults are trying to keep things as healthy as possible. Enter the air fryer, my new best friend and the beacon of hope my husband practically bows down to. (Even if you do not have a vegan or vegetarian home, you need to invest in one of these bad boys).

We use the thing so much I am starting to feel like we should have to thank it audibly the way one might talk to a plant. Because seriously, going vegan as a family has been made ridiculously easy thanks to this device that even a kitchen neophyte like yours truly can operate (and clean) easily.

Here are some of our favorite vegan recipes to toss in the air fryer any day of the week. What about yours?

More Vegan Recipes:








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