Lamb bake recipe

One-Tray Lamb Bake Recipe

I often pull out this one-tray lamb bake recipe. Why? One, because it’s yum. Two, because it’s all made in the one tray (and this mumma hates washing up). Three, because I can sneak extra veg into my babes. And four, because it’s Y-U-M!

Do give it a go and play around with the veggies you add in. If you’ve got potatoes on hand, use them instead. Only have pine nuts? That’s fine-oh-fine. Pop them in instead. This lamb bake recipe will basically work with any root vegetable – so go for parsnips, fennel, carrots, sweet potato, pumpkin, potatoes, turnips (do kids eat turnips… does anyone eat turnips?), beetroot, kohlrabi or celeriac.


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