10 one-pot freezer-friendly family dinner recipes

10 Freezer-Friendly One Pot Family Dinner Recipes

In the weeks leading up to our third baby boy’s arrival I went on a cooking spree, determined to stock our freezer full of meals and snacks to make the first few weeks at home just that little bit easier – ha! While this was a great idea in theory, with a three and four year old to look after as well as being seven months pregnant, I just didn’t have the time (and was too exhausted) to put together complicated meals, and found myself looking for simple recipes that didn’t take too much effort to make, would be enjoyed by EVERYONE in our family and were also freezer friendly.

I’ve always been a big fan of one pot meals and decided to try and find as many of these set-and-forget family dinner recipes that were also able to be frozen. The result is this yummy collection of 10 freezer-friendly one pot family dinners that I guarantee will be loved by your entire household and will soon make a regular appearance of your dinner table.

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10 one-pot freezer-friendly family dinners

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