31 Days of Healthy Recipes Your Kid Will Actually Eat

Is it seriously the new year already? For me, that means starting fresh and turning over a new leaf. Now comes the hard part: getting back into a healthy routine after all the cookies, eggnog, rich side dishes, and desserts I indulged in over the holiday season. Sigh. And if your kids are anything like mine, they’ve become accustomed to a daily routine of cakes and candies, and all the take-out meals I ordered in on nights I was too busy to cook…but all that is about to change!

If your new year’s resolution is anything like mine and you want to begin the year right—for you and your family—the best place to start is in the kitchen. But you can’t start with just healthy food—you also want to create healthy and hearty meals your kids will actually eat. Now, every kid is different (my daughter legitimately loves broccoli but is otherwise insanely picky), so I’ve compiled a pretty awesome list of healthy recipes. Your kids are bound to love at least a handful of them.

Check out this slideshow and start the new year off right with thirty-one days of healthy recipes your kid will actually eat.

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