Orange Brulee Recipe

Orange Brulee Recipe

servings: serves 4

prep time: 15 minutes

cook time: 2 minutes

total time: 17 minutes


  • 2 large Naval oranges
  • 8 teaspoons granulated sugar


Step 1: Cut the oranges in half, horizontally. Then, use a grapefruit knife, or sharp paring knife to cut around each segment.

Step 2: Evenly sprinkle the sugar on the top surfaces. Use two teaspoons of sugar for each orange half.

Step 3: Use a small kitchen blow torch or the broiler to brown the sugar.

  • If you’re using the torch, simply turn it on medium-high and evenly go around until all the sugar has caramelized.
  • If you’re using the broiler, place the orange halves on a baking sheet, and adjust a rack so it’s directly under the flame. Broil the oranges just until the sugar is brown, (about 2 minutes).

Step 4: Serve with teaspoons, in bowls slightly larger than the orange halves.

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