Raspberry Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

  • I’ll be the first to admit that if I don’t have a solid plan for breakfasts, I’m usually digging in the pantry for anything I can find: trail mix, a handful of crackers….I’ll even go so far as to nuke a cup of Easy Mac. It’s not always the greatest way to kick off the day. If I just spend a few minutes the night before making sure I have something solid ready for breakfast the next morning, I feel infinitely better.  This nutrition-packed homemade chia seed pudding is one of those recipes that, in my book, count as a perfect breakfast. All it requires is five minutes of prep the night before, and you can have a powerhouse breakfast waiting for you and the fam in the fridge when you wake up. There’s no cooking required, and if you and your kids like tapioca, this healthier substitution tastes just like it.

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    Raspberry Chia Seed Pudding

    My daughter calls this one 'dessert for breakfast'.

    Prep Time:
    Servings: 2


    • choice of milk (coconut, almond, or cow's milk): 1 cup
    • fresh raspberries: 1 cup
    • maple syrup (or honey): 2 tablespoons
    • chia seeds: ¼ cup
    • shredded coconut: as a garnish (optional)


    Step 1: Using an immersion blender or regular blender, combine your choice of milk, raspberries, and maple syrup (or honey). Blend until smooth.

    Step 2: Combine the milk-berry mixture with the chia seeds in a container with a lid (a jar is good for this). Refrigerate overnight.

    Step 3: When ready to eat, divide into two bowls and top with your choice of toppings. (Shredded coconut is great here.)  

    raspberry chia pudding with shredded coconut

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