3-Ingredient, 15-Minute Cilantro Butter Shrimp Skewers Recipe

shrimp kebabs cilantro

Over the weekend, I was hanging out with my adorable ten-year-old son, when he asked me if he could invite a few friends over for a grilling party. With great enthusiasm, he said, “It’ll be great. We can grill chicken, shrimp, and corn!” I absolutely love when my kids show an interest in cooking, so I was thrilled. Within a few minutes, I realized that by “grilling party,” he meant I’d be doing all of the grilling, and he and his friends would be doing all of the eating. Regardless of who’s grilling, I loved the idea. Spring has sprung, after all—and summer will be here before we know it.


These quick and easy shrimp skewers will be perfect at his grilling shindig. They only have three ingredients, they’re packed with delicious flavor, and they are incredibly kid friendly.

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