How to Make Eggs and Soldiers

This year I am changing it up, however, and making my personal favorite: eggs and soldiers. I prefer a runny yolk to a hard-boiled version. It is just my personal preference, if you boil the egg longer you’ll certainly have no problem producing a hard-boiled egg. The “soldiers” in this dish are the little spears of toast that stand up inside the egg and runny yolk. They are perfect for dipping and taste amazing. The yolk is far creamier and richer than the butter! —

To make eggs and soldiers I follow this very simple method.

First, I drop the whole egg in boiling water for 3 minutes. Then I turn off the water and let the egg sit in it for another 2 minutes. I find this produces a perfectly soft boiled egg. While the egg is boiling I toast some whole wheat bread and slice it into little spears. When the egg is ready I dip the spears straight into the egg yolk and enjoy!

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