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Best Christmas Recipes That Even Your Kids Can Make

Your decorations must be up, and shopping must be in full swing. After all, ’tis the season! Now, it’s the recipes that need to be taken care of. Here are some easy Christmas recipes that even your kids can make. So, let’s get cooking!

1. Triple-Layer Christmas Ice-Cream Pudding

Kids will love mixing different ice cream flavors with layers of their favorite goodies. Let them layer strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream (a combination that can never go wrong) in dome-shaped cups.

Layer cookies, sprinkles, chocolate chips, and fruits of their choice in between the ice cream. Pack it tightly for the pudding to take the shape of the cup. Serve it with chocolate ganache and more sprinkles, and enjoy!

2. Chocolate and Pretzel Toffee Crisp

A match made in heaven! Take a few saltines and arrange them in a single layer of foil. Now, melt butter and brown sugar until completely dissolved (under adult supervision only). Add in some vanilla and spread the mix over the crackers.

Let it bake until bubbly. Once done, sprinkle peanuts, pretzels, chocolate chips, and kids’ favorite M&M’s while it is still hot. Let it cool and refrigerate before letting your kids break it into bite-size pieces. 

3. Chocolate Baubles

Get a chocolate cake and let your kids process it into fine crumbs with the help of a food processor. Now, cook butter, brown sugar, and condensed milk until well combined. Once the mixture cools, mix in the cake crumbs.

Then, cover a marshmallow with the cake crumb mixture, shaping it into a ball. Lastly, roll the balls in coconut and chocolate sprinkles, cover loosely in plastic wrap, and refrigerate till firm. 

4. Tootsie Fudge

If your kids love Tootsie rolls, they will enjoy making this recipe. However, make sure you are standing next to them while they work on the stove or microwave. To get started, melt Tootsie rolls, peanut butter, and butter in a saucepan, along with sugar, milk, and vanilla.

Fold in the pecans or any other nut and spread it on a pan covered with foil. Score the surface and place your kids’ favorite candies on each square. Let it cool. Cut the fudge once cooled and store them in a container. This Christmas recipe can be made in advance and stored for one week. You can even melt the Tootsie in the microwave. 

5. Ice Cream Sandwich 

Sandwich and ice cream are every kid’s favorite. So combine them and make this delicious Christmas recipe. Whip thick cream and condensed milk until soft peaks are formed. While beating, gradually add coconut cream and fold in frozen raspberries and Rice Bubbles until well combined.

Now, carefully spoon the cream over one wafer and top it up with another. Wrap it with plastic wrap and refrigerate till set. If your kids want to make it more fancy, they can dip a part of the sandwich in melted dark chocolate (or milk chocolate, if your kids don’t enjoy the bitterness of dark chocolate) and cover it with sprinkles. 

These Christmas recipes are easy to make and will surely keep your kids busy for hours while you work on other dishes or decorations. Try these recipes with your kids, and let us know which one was your kids’ favorite one.

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