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TikTok’s Viral Cloud Bread Will Amaze Your Kids

TikTok seems to create and share some of the most random recipes I’ve ever seen, including the latest trend – Cloud Bread! This unique, extra fluffy meringue recipe captured everyone’s interest because, I mean, look at it! Although we’ve dubbed it bread due to its soft, fluffy texture, cloud bread deserves a category all its own. If anything, it’s a type of meringue. You can add flavorings and colors to customize it into something even more unique. Let’s just say it’s one of those really fun foods that will amaze your kids but won’t win any culinary awards!


What’s in cloud bread? Three simple ingredients: egg whites, sugar and cornstarch. The egg whites are what gives cloud bread its body and fluffiness. It’s similar to an angel food cake in this way because the egg whites trap air for baking light and fluffy “cake.” Then you add some sugar to give it sweetness and contribute to the meringue-like texture. You can whip egg whites until stiff, but the addition of sugar stabilizes the egg whites so that they can get fluffier. Finally, the cornstarch is a binder that gives the egg whites more structure to help create this soft and fluffy texture. It also helps suck up some moisture from the egg whites during baking. You can add additional ingredients if you want, like food coloring or flavor extracts. If you do want to add these, mix them in when adding the cornstarch.

If you’ve ever made meringue before, cloud bread is going to be a piece of cake for you. However, if you’re new to meringues, there’s a few things you’ll want to know:

  1. Wipe down your mixing bowls with a clean towel before whipping the egg whites. Any residual oils can ruin the egg whites.
  2. Egg whites are easier to separate when eggs are cold. Separate them into your mixing bowl and wait for them to come to room temperature before whipping them.
  3. Instead of separating your egg whites and yolks, you can purchase liquid egg whites in a carton. In this case, you’ll use about 6 tablespoons of egg whites to equal 3 eggs.
  4. Wait to add the sugar until your egg whites are thick enough that you can turn the bowl upside down without them moving around the bowl. Seriously, I swear by this trick!
  5. Meringue is ready when stiff peaks form. This also means you can turn over the bowl without the meringue moving at all

The title of cloud bread can be a little misleading. Ultimately, you’ll find that cloud bread really just tastes like eggs. The addition of vanilla extract or other flavors can add another layer, but it won’t change that the main ingredient in cloud bread is eggs. Thus, it tastes like sweetened egg whites. Nonetheless, it’s really fun to make and play around with!

It’s important to note that there’s different kinds of “cloud bread” out there. This viral cloud bread from TikTok isn’t the same keto-friendly cloud bread that is often made with things like cream cheese.

Check out the easy recipe for this ultra-fluffy cloud bread!


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