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Best First Birthday Smash Cake Ideas

If you’re planning the first birthday party for your kiddo, you’ve probably heard by now that it’s not complete without a smash cake. These are small, frosted cakes for the birthday boy/girl. It gets messy, and you probably have to wash it out of their hair for days, but the photos and memories will be priceless.

Give the cake to your little one and let them dig into it with their hands to start the celebration (and, of course, for cute pictures). So, mommies, if you’re on the hunt for inspiration, you are at the right place, as we have some excellent smash cake ideas for your munchkin.

1. Pink Sprinkles All-Around

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When everything else fails, roll your cake in sprinkles. It is one of the easiest last-minute ideas for a smash cake, especially if you are unsure of your decorating skills. Just bake or get a cake from the store and cover it with frosting (don’t be too particular about it since you will be covering it with sprinkles). There you have it – an adorable cake for your little angel.

2. Simple Squiggles

This is yet another easy idea for non-bakers. Sometimes, it’s the little imperfect things that make a thing perfect. In this case, it will be the cake with cute squiggles. Cover your cake with frosting, and then draw squiggles on top. You can even ask your older kids to help with the same. Take your pick from different colors to make the cake prettier because the possibilities are endless with this smash cake idea.

3. Pretty Colorful Roses

Cute girl touching birthday cake
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If your child loves flowers, decorating the cake with colorful roses will be great. You can make roses with one color or opt for a combination of many to make the cake stand out from the rest.

4. Super Simple Smash Cake

If you like to keep things sweet and simple, cover the cake with frosting and place a cake topper on it for a sophisticated look. Set it up against a neutral background with some balloons; trust us, the pics of your kiddo smashing the cake will be perfect.

5. Ombré Smash Cake Idea

Best First Birthday Smash Cake Ideas
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Another simple smash cake idea is to go for an ombré cake. You can take clues from your kid’s favorite color to make the ombré frosting on the cake. A cake topper and a happy baby are all you need to create this picture-perfect moment.

6. Donut Grow Up Smash Cake Idea

If you want to break the rules and do something different for your kid’s first birthday, swap the cake with donuts (or one giant donut). You can arrange them in the shape of a cake or put them together on a plate for your little one to enjoy. With donuts, you can have different frosting on every piece, so this idea eliminates the worry of picking a flavor.

7. Theme Cake

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If you have some theme going on for your kid’s first birthday party, why leave out the cake? Go for a themed cake and see the smile on your munchkin’s face. For instance, if you are having a Doraemon-themed birthday party, make or order a Doraemon cake. Similarly, a superhero cake will be perfect for a superhero-themed party.

8. Football Cake

If your kiddo loves playing ball, getting the football smash cake is a good idea for their first birthday. And why limit yourself to football? You can have the smash cake in block shapes, train shapes, etc. A cake with animal faces is perfect if your little angel has been learning their animal names and is obsessed with them.

9. Ice Cream Parlor Smash Cake

A cute pink birthday cake with an ice cream cone waffle / wafer on top with sprinkles chocolate and lollipop on top for a girl's birthday
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Who said your little one can’t have a smash cake and ice cream combo on their first birthday? So, go all out and make (or order) the smash cake with an ice cream cone on top and some chocolate dripping down the sides of the cake. Your child will love smashing this cake for sure.

10. Fruity Smash Cake

If you must keep your kid’s sugar intake in check for any reason, fruit-based smash cake is an excellent idea. You can make a single layer of cake, cover it with some cream cheese (instead of frosting), and then cover the cake with thinly sliced-up fruits. And voila, a not-so-sugary cake is ready to be smashed by your birthday boy/girl.

So, which of these birthday cake ideas did you like the most? Do let us know in the comment section below. And don’t forget to share other smash cake ideas with us, too. We would love to hear from you!

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