Beautiful Spanish Girl Names You Rarely Hear

Maria is the most popular of all the Spanish girl names out there, but certain celebs are putting other Spanish names on the map. There’s Amada, chosen by Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes for their second daughter (it means “loved by God). There’s also Lourdes, the name of Madonna’s oldest daughter (it pays homage to the Shrine of the Virgin Mary). Then there’s Malia, the name of Barack Obama’s oldest daughter (it means “sea of bitterness”). All of these names are beautiful, but what about giving your daughter a Spanish girl name that you rarely hear? Keep reading for a few of our favorites.


This pretty name comes from a mountain in Spain.



The classic Beatrice with a bit of Spanish flair, Beatriz shares its meaning—“she who brings happiness.”


From the Spanish word for “heart,” Corazon makes a great way to get to the nickname Cora.


One of the most lovely Spanish names for girls, Florentina means “flowering.”


This Spanish take on Grace means “beauty of form.”


One of the most stylish Spanish girl names, Ines means “pure.”


This pretty floral name is associated with the hyacinth bloom.


If you’re a big beach lover, you might consider this lovely name, which means “sunny sea.”


Recently red-hot here in the U.S., Montserrat is the name of an island in the Caribbean and a serrated mountain in Spain.


Pablo Picasso chose Paloma, which means “dove,” for his daughter. It’s one of the most elegant Spanish names for girls.


Ramona isn’t just the scrappy little sister in the classic Beezus and Ramona series—it’s one of the most timeless Spanish girl names, which means “mighty protector.”


Looking for a beautiful variation in lieu of a Rosemary or Rose? Try Rosario, which means simply “beautiful.”

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